Who wants to live forever?

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A little introduction

Humans have a record of pushing our boundaries, progress and evolution are our drivers, but at what cost, are we really moving forwards, or are we just playing with fire, which usually means at some point, we are going to get burnt.


In a world where we can change anything, how far would you go to change your body?

In a desperate search for answers, a Billionaire tech mogul, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, discovers the dark worlds of Biohacking and Trans Humanism. He plans to combine these sciences with the new groundbreaking genome editing technology, not only to cure his cancer but along with his powerful supercomputers, artificial intelligence, BETSI, create a new enhanced, genetically modified humans, Homo sapiens, mark two

Can a Chemistry Professor, a world-class hacker, and a special forces team stop him, before it’s too late, or are we destined to see a new race of humans

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My notes

The technology is real, and Bio-Hacking and Transhumanism are real, happening in today’s world.

There is one thing that haunts us all, death, it is inevitable, it will come to us all. This book looks at the lengths we may go, the risks we may take in search of perfection and immortality.

Before you cast these sciences to the fantasy bin, just remember you are probably doing this right now, in some format, and there are certainly some of us that are pushing these boundaries today.

Bio-Hacking is essentially the practice of changing our chemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation to energize and enhance the body.

Trans Humanism is the social and philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human enhancement technologies

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A few of the main characters

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David Carmichael

British Chemistry Professor (40 ish)

David is a quiet, thoughtful, dedicated, focused individual, who is a real professor type (including leather elbow pads) he has no concept of himself as a man, he just sees his science and has long since resigned himself to a life of solitude.

He is, however, shy, awkward, and uncomfortably around women. His inexperience with the fairer sex is one of his most endearing qualities.

He is an incredibly loyal person with a strong moral compass, when combined with his passion for humanity, makes him a formidable opponent.

Special skill – Chemistry genius

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Cassia Nilsson

American Black hat Hacker (40 ish)

Cassia is the antithesis of David, she is, forthright, eccentric, and out there. Totally non-conformist dresses for impact, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Yet she is a contradiction, she comes from a broken home, stay away dad, a drunken mother so, therefore, she has spent the majority of her life hidden behind a computer screen. Therefore, when in the real world she is disconnected and distant, often hiding behind her tech.

Special skill – World-class hacker

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Nick Colletto

Ex American Special Forces (40ish)

Nick is a third-generation Italian, who ran away from a life in the Mafia to a career in the military. He is as hard as they come, a no-nonsense tough guy that has seen the very worst of humanity. He is a total professional, with a singular focus, to win.

Since leaving the military, he has assembled a team that now contracts out their services to the highest bidder.

However, Nick is tired of all the bullshit and crap and is starting to wish for a normal life. However, he still needs one more, big payout.

He has given everything to serving his country and now in the autumn of his career, he has nothing left to give.

Special skill – Wet work (killing people and special operations)

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Sarah Conner

Ex South African special forces (40’s)

A tough, hard-as-nails woman that has spent her life battling prejudice and bias in a testosterone-fuelled industry. A battle-hardened foul-mouthed warrior that takes no prisoners.

Now she is part of Nicks's crew, and finally has nothing left to prove and like Nick, this will be her last operation, before she goes back to South Africa.

Special skill: Hand to hand combat

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Edward Holloway

American billionaire / Tech guru (late 60’s)

Edward comes from old money, his family was super-rich, but he wants to make it on his own. Now he owns the biggest Cyber Security company in the world. He is super rich in his own right. Sadly, where he has the Midas touch in business, his personal life is a train wreck. His wife and true love died, and now he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which means he wont be able to deliver the promise he made his wife on her death bed, to make the world a better place.

Focussed, ruthless, driven, and devious, a total megalomaniac, that takes risks usually at the expense of others.

Special skill: Strategy and money

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Marietta Dupont

French new age Scientist (late forties)

An orphan that has fought her way to the top of her field. A passionate advocate of human and technology integration. A lesbian and an activist that lost her true love early and now seeks to change the world.

She is totally dedicated to Edward and his vision and blind to the moral dilemma that it presents.

She is lonely and this is her passion, to make a difference.

Special skill – Integrating technology with organic life forms

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Biological Engagement
Transference Synaptic Interface
(Artificial Intelligence)

Betsi is a hologrammatic interface between humans and the supercomputer, enabling real-time engagement. She was created by Edward and is the brains behind his plan. Edward programmed her primary directive to be the preservation of human life.

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A few final thoughts

With this book as in all in this series, I simply looked at what currently happening and wrote a story around it, taking into account potential human behaviour and asked are we playing with fire.

The last point

What would you change about yourself, and if you had the choice would you extend your natural life or perhaps that of someone you love, if so at what price?

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