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A little introduction

Through this trilogy, I wanted to take a unique look at the human conscious from the moment of inception to the moment of its passing. The journey takes us from the early stages of the development of the mind, emotions, and conscious thought, different levels of being to finally the moment that our conscious expires.

Our journey starts at the moment of conception when the first spark of life is fired, and the mind is ignited. It begins by learning what it means to be human, translating and understanding our emotions, for this level, a basic level of emotional understanding will determine the way we lead our lives and shape the person we become. 

I am suggesting is that this base level has already been set, before we open our eyes for the first time.


Deep in the womb from the moment that sperm meets egg, X meets Y, and the first spark of life is fired, and the mind is ignited, and it is a race against time to prepare the organic vessel to receive it, as together they will shape the destiny of this soul.
Once in a millennium, the spark is different, more powerful, and the destiny of that new life has already been decided….
It is vital that this particular mind prepares its vessel better than any mind has ever been, exploring both the light and dark side of human nature, as the challenges that this new life will face, may well determine the future of all mankind.

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My notes

I took a completely different stance on this subject believing that the emotions that guide us, dictate, and shape our behavior are already learned, prior to our birth. From the moment that we first open our eyes and interact with our world, and we allow everyone else to add colour to our mental canvas, it is easy to lose who we really are.
This is an adventure story where the lead character travels in Meadowland, a mysterious place, in search of answers. Pretty much how we live our lives. Each lesson he earns forms part of his understanding and will shape the person he becomes.

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A few of the main characters

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Toby Temple

Our young protagonist

Toby is a young man starting out on a quest, in search of He who knows all. He is like most his age, proud, arrogant, full of his own importance. Yet as he travels through this land, he must face many challenges and overcome his biggest fears.

Special things to look for – Toby is an empath, in this world, he can enter the minds of others, feel what they feel, hear what they think.

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The inner voice

Relate is the voice Toby hears inside his head, he helps him navigate and understand the world as he discovers it.

Special things to look for – How the mind is put together, Relate also has a personality

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Pul Son

Imp (A cross between a hobbit and a house elf)

Pul son, named so after his father. Is a shy creature, nobody likes him, he is teased frequently and shunned by all those in Meadowland. He is super sweet, courageous, and loveable.

Special things to look for – Trapshun, Eco headdress

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God like entity

HAWK (He who knows all) is the creator, the entity that has all the answers. He appears as a tall, eccentric, wizard-like person with a wonderful and colourful sense of dress, long white hair, and beard.

Special things to look for – Lots of magic and twinkly eyes

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Baton Thyme

A bright shiny knight (Mr perfect)

Baton Thyme – is Toby the man returning from the future to help his young self, navigate some of the challenges he faces. He is everything Toby wants to be, how he sees himself.

Special things to look for – Tickle fish

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Black and white dog

Newshawk is a wonderful Jack Russell dog, smart as a whip, and often bests Toby, particularly when Toby’s ego gets in the way of progress

Special things to look for – His love of Quacks and Doodles

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Tom Dubia

The Nemesis

Tom represents the dark side of ourselves, the side that most of us constantly battle against. He is cruel, evil and wants to ensure that every creature in Meadowland is doing his bidding.

Special things to look for – Tom was the first true empath. He also can enter minds and influence other creatures' thoughts.

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Viola Em Terri

Young girl

She plays the love interest, she is smart, sassy and fires up Toby’s emotions in ways he has yet to understand.

Special things to look for – The sun shining on the inside.

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The Land hopper

The mind is made up of many layers and few people ever travel past the sheep level, but Rhaymon, is one of those that can hop between different levels, and with it, bring wisdom and knowledge for those that wish to listen.

He is a giant of a man, bold and bright, full of fun the eternal optimist, but his travels, and experience are having an impact on him.

Special things to look for – His booming laugh

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A few final thoughts

This book at first glance may seem like a medieval adventure story, but it is far from it. It is about life, and what it means to be human, our emotions, and how they shape us.

It has so many levels, in its simplest state, it can be read as a children’s story, in its complexity it offers an explanation as to how our emotions, fears and how they control our lives.

The last point…

When we are born, we are a blank canvas, and every encounter we have splashes colour on our canvas, sometimes those colours are dark, and sometimes they are light, it is not the colours that are important, it is how we translate them, this determines our destiny…

A hidden secret

Each of the characters is an anagram

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