Playing with fire

I wrote this series in order to examine  some of the biggest current threats to humanity. Humans have a record of pushing our boundaries, progress and evolution are our drivers, but at what cost, are we really moving forwards or are we just playing with fire, which usually means at some point, we are going to get burnt.

Stack of Books

Who wants to live forever?

Book two

In a world where we can change anything, how far would you go to change your body?

In a desperate search for answers, a Billionaire tech mogul, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, discovers the dark worlds of Biohacking and Trans Humanism. He plans to combine these sciences with the new groundbreaking genome editing technology, not only to cure his cancer but along with his powerful supercomputers, artificial intelligence, BETSI, create a new enhanced, genetically modified humans, Homo sapiens, mark two

Can a Chemistry Professor, a world-class hacker, and a special forces team stop him, before it’s too late, or are we destined to see a new race of humans

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The lies we should keep

Book three

Climate change is accelerating faster than we were led to believe and the Governments of the world have been hiding the truth, but who has been lying to them?

In a world full of secrets where a Committee of 13 people decide what we see and what we don’t. An ex-UK Prime Minister, a world-class hacker, a journalist, and a former Special Services soldier are determined that mankind finds out the truth before it’s too late, but even they find out that there are some lies you should keep.

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Bad Blood

Book four

Coronavirus has ravaged the world, with the Committee exposed and Edward on the run, hidden in one of his secret servers, Cassia discovers the ‘Dream Walker’ files of Senator Silberman, and uncovers a terrible secret, that could mean the end of the world, and now needs to help from the Dream Walker team to change the past. However, faces from the past come back to haunt them. The question is, can they save the world, or will their past catch up with them?

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Blood Matters

Book five

This time it is personal, Edward and the Night Shadows have kidnapped David and are determined to reverse the damage the Red Dog team did. Relationships are stretched to the limit, as the team try to pull together to stop Edward and avert a global war. Can they save David and the planet or is this a step too far?


The Singularity

Book six

Humans are pushing technology to its limits, sooner or later we are going to go too far, and technology is going to fight back.

In the world of supercomputers and artificial intelligence, where the holy grail is building a computer that is self-aware and self-learning. What happens when you take the brakes off and give a self-aware supercomputer the task of preserving humanity, anyway it chooses.

The team are back this time in a world where trust is in short supply, they are the only ones that can stop this supercomputer from changing the world beyond all recognition. In a race against time, they must break into some of the most secure facilities in the world, without anyone knowing, but not everyone wants them to succeed….

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Every cloud has a silver lining

Book seven

The world is in crisis, climate change is accelerating. At the Glasgow COP26 conference, the world leaders, in a last ditched attempt to save the planet turn to technology.

The new technology not only offers the chance to reverse global warming but also control the world's weather. With a prize this great can we put aside our differences aside and work together to save the planet or will human nature take over?

In a world full of secrets, the team are tasked with finding out the truth, what they discover changes everything, and this time they take matters into their own hands, it is time to save the world, from humans.

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