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A little introduction

Through this trilogy, I wanted to take a unique look at the human conscious from the moment of inception to the moment of its passing. The journey takes us from the early stages of the development of the mind, emotions, and conscious thought, different levels of being to finally the moment that our conscious expires.

There must be a reason for all of this, Humans, I mean. We have developed, evolved to such a level, far greater than any other species on the planet. If this is it, we live, we die, then what is the point?

Imagine the unimaginable, that was the challenge I was given and this book is the result.

If you are anything like me, my mind is tethered, spending the majority of its time, dealing with the demands of living in a complex world.

It is only when I slip into a hypnopompic state (a consciousness leading out of sleep, the bit when you are not quite awake) is my mind free to roam.


Paradise is overrated and an idle mind seeks a new challenge, but at what cost!

Stuck in paradise where everyone is happy and positive, Toby finds his mind searching for new adventures and discovers a secret that challenges everything he believes in, now he faces a choice, save himself or humankind!

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My notes

This book takes the next step, it ventures beyond the here and now and transcends to new levels. It will challenge your thinking, beliefs and offer rays of hope, or at least that was the intention.

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A few of the main characters

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Toby Temple

Our young protagonist

What would life be like in paradise, a world without negativity, everyone living in harmony, in parallel, Man and nature as one, sound perfect?
Now imagine you were the only person capable of negative thoughts, but you can’t say anything, because if you do, the world comes to an end for everyone.
That is where Toby finds himself now, frustrated, and angry, the only place left to hide is inside his own mind, but that is where he discovers the darkest of secrets that shakes his very foundation.
Special things to look for – His Relationship with Raifmie and Meme

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The inner voice

Whilst Relate is part of his mind, there is a definite distance starting to form. Here we start to understand the character of his inner voice

Special things to look for – Relates relationship with  Toby's mother

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Crazy little, blue fluffy ball

In this book, we truly get to understand Meme, her true role, and her past. A fiercely loyal friend that would sacrifice everything in support of her master, the person she loves

Special things to look for – Mouse Cat Ears

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God like entity

HAWK (He who knows all) is the creator, turned villain, in this book we discover he has a dark side, and his true reason for wanting humans to continue to live

Special things to look for – How Hawk treats humans that question him (scary)

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Mother Earth

She is now coexisting with humans, she has forgiven or forgotten their past sins and is looking for any excuse to break the deal. She constantly watches and tests Toby for any slip means she can take her revenge.

Special things to look for – her duplicitous ways and actions

Open Books

Raifmie, Emerith and Dewthin

The three daughters of Gaia

Toby thinks he is in love with Raifmie, but because of her status (non-human), it can never go any further. She is spiteful and distrustful but scared of her mother.

Special things to look for – Raifmie's jealousy and scheming ways

Stack of Books

Rhaymon & the
Land Hoppers

Travellers of the mind

In this book, we get to travel to the other lands and meet other Land Hoppers, understand how they come to be and their motivations
Special things to look for – Their total belief in humanity, and the secret resting place.

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A few final thoughts

This is the final book in the trilogy, and all the answers raised in the series are answered. Whilst this is only fiction, and my interpretation, it will make you think, challenge your perceptions.

The whole series raises more questions than it answers, and tackles deep and provocative topics. However, I hope you will take a few gems away with you

The last point…

When getting to the end of the series, go back and read the first synopsis, a different spark (the mind).


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