Sins of the father

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A little introduction

Through this trilogy, I wanted to take a unique look at the human conscious from the moment of inception to the moment of its passing. The journey takes us from the early stages of the development of the mind, emotions, and conscious thought, different levels of being to finally the moment that our conscious expires.

Toby is back 16 years later. The world is crumbling under the impact of mankind and mother nature has had enough. She agrees with HAWK to give mankind one last chance to change, if not she will reclaim the earth.


It is time for the sins of the father to be paid and mankind is at a crossroads it must change or face extinction.

Climate change is upon us, and mother nature seeks revenge, mankind is given a simple choice, change or face extinction. Toby is in a race against time to find out how it got this far and convince mankind to change before it’s too late.

To understand how it got this far, he must travel into the past both mankind’s and his own. Then armed with the knowledge he will be given one chance to convince mankind to change or face the consequences

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My notes

This book takes a real hard look at how we as humans have impacted our planet, the decisions we have made, and why we continue to make them. It is impossible to change the past, but we should at least learn from them

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A few of the main characters

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Toby Temple

Our young protagonist

After suffering the loss of his mother at an early age, Toby has gone to live with his aunt, a cold distant person. In a life with very little warmth, he has become introverted and distant from the world around him. As he learns more about humans and our past, he struggles to find reasons as to why, as a species, we should be saved.

Special things to look for – How he travels and the characters he meets in the past

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The inner voice

Relate is the voice Toby hears inside his head, that helps him understand what he is seeing.

Special things to look for – Toby may not be Relates first organic vessel

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Crazy little, blue fluffy ball

Meme is a Mimic, which means she cant take the shape of any living object, you will have to wait until the third book to understand how, but for now, we just enjoy her.

She is a mischievous, curious creature that is bound to her master, She has a real love of sparkly things which often gets her into trouble.

Special things to look for – The idiots lantern and how she got her name

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God like entity

HAWK (He who knows all) is the creator, he is looking tired, and we get the sense that he already knows the answers but needs Toby to discover them. He has become tough and forthright. He still has a mysterious side, and you get the feeling this is all part of a grand plan.

Special things to look for – Hawks relationship with Meme

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Mother Earth

She is a tough forthright, beautiful woman, who has a real dislike for human beings, primarily due to what they have, and continues to do to the planet she loves.

Although she has struck an agreement with Hawk, she is determined that Toby will not succeed and goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure he fails.

Special things to look for – How she transforms and sees the world

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Raifmie, Emerith and Dewthin

The three daughters of Gaia

The three daughters of Gaia represent Earth, fire and wind. There are incredibly beautiful but have had limited exposure to humans. Emerith is super intelligent and sees herself above humans, Dewthin, refuses to engage with mankind. However, Raifmie, is curious and impulsive and wants to engage more with Toby.

Special things to look for – her dislike for Meme and jealous behaviour

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The Curator

A guide to the past

As Toby travels back into the past he is accompanied by a Curator that helps him understand what he is seeing.

The curator is unemotional, cold, and matter of fact

Special things to look for – His sarcasm and dry sense of humour

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A few final thoughts

Whilst this book is about the sins of the father and how we got here, there is a lot more hidden within the text, in particular what happens when we die. It should offer a completely different perspective, both on who we are now, how we got here and offer hope for our salvation.

The last point…

When looking at humanity through a critical lens, our past and present you might be excused for condemning us, but there is a lot more to humanity than we may first think. But that is another story.

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