The lies we should keep

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A little introduction

Humans have a record of pushing our boundaries, progress and evolution are our drivers, but at what cost, are we really moving forwards, or are we just playing with fire, which usually means at some point, we are going to get burnt.


Climate change is accelerating faster than we were led to believe and the Governments of the world have been hiding the truth, but who has been lying to them?

In a world full of secrets where a Committee of 13 people decides what we see and what we don’t. An ex-UK Prime Minister, a world-class hacker, a journalist, and a former Special Services soldier are determined that mankind finds out the truth before it’s too late, but even they find out that there are some lies you should keep

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My notes

Believe only half of what you see and nothing of what you hear was a famous quote said by Ben Franklin in the 18th century (or something similar)

In the real world Politicians make decisions upon information given to them by Civil servants, usually, after it has been run through spin doctors, a person who is a skilled public relations expert and advises politicians on what and how to present policies and actions to their public. This asks the question of who regulates the information they give, and who really decides how much we, as the public will tolerate?

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A few of the main characters

A Man Reading a Book Outdoors

David Carmichael

British Chemistry Professor (40 ish)

Loved up and living in paradise, our British professor has finally found happiness with his eccentric girlfriend

Special skill – Chemistry genius

A Young Woman Reading a Book

Cassia Nilsson

American Black hat Hacker (40 ish)

Our talented hacker, risks all to help her best friend and make sure the world knows the truth about what is really happening


Special skill – World-class hacker

A Yound Man in the Library

Nick Colletto

Ex American Special Forces (40ish)

Angry at being duped, Nick pulls his team together to find out the truth, and like everything with Nick, he won't let go until he does. This time, however, he finds out more than he bargained for, and now must put aside old rivalries to save the world.

Special skill – Wet work (killing people and special operations)

Couple in Library

Robert Johnson

British Prime Minister (48)

The first black Prime Minister and he is about to enter his second term. He is from a working-class background, down to earth, but a bit of a loner, totally focussed on his career, and still single. He constantly struggles with his confidence but is a gifted speaker.

Special skill: People believe him

Girl Reading

Katie Rayner

American Journalist (40 ish)

Tough war reporter fiercely independent and will go to extreme lengths to dig out a story. She has no time for relationships, in search of the truth, she is Cassia’s best friend, and will do anything to help her out, but has a secret she is trying to hide.

Special skill: Connections, she has a wide network of connections

Open Books

Sanvia Anand

–Indian Ecologists and Writer (Early fifties)

A passionate world-renown ecologist, writer, and speaker, leader on the global response to climate change. She is a passionate lover of the planet, lives in isolation focussing on her work, although Sanvia has a hidden secret.

Special skill – World leader on climate change and global ecology

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Daniel Blake

Hacker and Tech genius (20’s)

He is back from the dead, incredibly nervous, and lacks confidence, a spotty young guy with a skill for hacking, but keeps making mistakes. Daniel is also terrified of Nick and making mistakes.

Special skills: Hacking and Tech

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Ice cold Russian contract killer

Ex FSB, turned killer for hire, Zhivkov is as cold and heartless as they come. He has no conscience and enjoys his work a little too much. Revered, feared, and known as the best there is. This time he has his sights set on our team.

Special skill – Killing, Torture

Couple in Library

A few final thoughts

What is the truth? We only know what we are told, the media are known for sensationalism, and too many people take everything they hear at face value.

Are we being duped, managed, if so by who? Our politicians? Or are they being managed too…

The last point…

During the research for this book, I came across lots of articles by prominent scientists that all say we passed the 1.5 degrees climate change tipping point a while ago, now we will be lucky if we can contain it to 4 degrees. Whether you believe them or not, you just need to stick your head out of the window, follow the weather to know that something does not ring true. There are more significant climate events than ever before, which led me to beg the question, are we being lied to, managed if so by whom?

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