Mind Body and Soul

This trilogy takes a unique look at the human conscious from the moment of inception to the moment of its passing. The journey takes us from the early stages of the development of the mind, emotions, and conscious thought, different levels of being to finally the moment that our conscious expires.

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A different spark

The mind.

Our journey starts at the moment of conception when the first spark of life is fired, and the mind is ignited. It begins by learning what it means to be human, translating and understanding our emotions, for this basic level of emotional understanding will determine the way we lead our lives and shape the person we become. All I am suggesting is our base level has already been set before we open our eyes for the first time.


Sins of the father

The Body

It is time for the sins of the father to be paid and mankind is at a crossroads it must change or face extinction.

Climate change is upon us, and mother nature seeks revenge, mankind is given a simple choice, change or face extinction. Toby is in a race against time to find out how it got this far and convince mankind to change before it’s too late.

To understand how it got this far, he must travel into the past both mankind’s and his own. Then armed with the knowledge he will be given one chance to convince mankind to change or face the consequences

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Idle Minds

The Soul

Paradise is overrated and an idle mind seeks a new challenge, but at what cost!

Stuck in paradise where everyone is happy and positive, Toby finds his mind searching for new adventures and discovers a secret that challenges everything he believes in, now he faces a choice, save himself or humankind!

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