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A little introduction

Climate change is accelerating out of control, life and the planet are on a tipping point. An English librarian, a Russian physicist, an Israeli student, and a Tech genius, are in a race against time to ensure the survival of the species, but to do it, they are going to have to force humankind to change.

Led by a retired Egyptian General and back by an anonymous billionaire the fate of humanity lies in the balance. Can these four unlikely hero’s change the destiny of humankind and the planet or will the power-hungry governments of the world stop them and condemn humankind to extinction.


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My notes

First things first – This book is currently in publication with those great people at Olympia publishing.
Unlike the others this book is a stand-alone story. The central plot revolves around four main characters who are brought together in part due to their academic expertise and in part due to their unique skills. With the goal of changing the world and protecting humanity.

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A few of the main characters

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Alex Walker – British Librarian (40 ish)

Alex lives alone, in a small village in Devon, has a cat, works in a library. He never goes out, has no social life, and avoids people whenever possible. That said Alex is incredibly lonely, painfully shy, and not very courageous, and has pretty much accepted that he will spend the rest of his life alone.

Special skill: Alex can enter your mind, read, and influence your thoughts.

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Olga Samilinov – Russian Physicist (40 ish)

Olga is a very resolute scientist, dedicated to her work, hyper-intelligent, and incredibly beautiful. That said she actively discourages attention and prefers to be judged on her work.

Special skill: Olga is a shapeshifter she can take the shape and identity of anyone she chooses.

A Yound Man in the Library

Ania Dor - Israeli Student (Thermodynamics) (20 ish)

Ania is a strong-willed, social activist, that hates society and the way the world is changing. She is forthright, full of opinions and attitude. Ania does have a softer side and a certain vulnerability that makes her endearing.

Special skill: Ania is a time traveller, albeit she can only travel to the past (of course)

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Daniel Blake - American Tech genius (20 ish)

Daniel is an MIT dropout, super-intelligent, and a whiz with computers. Always on the wrong side of the law, bit lazy and unfocussed, and always challenging authority

Special skill: Anything technological / internet / financial systems

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General Farouk El Hazsar - Retired Egyptian military General (late 60’s)

A retired Egyptian General, a brilliant strategist, he has been tasked by a secret organisation to bring this group together and deliver the plan. He is tough doesn’t make small talk and very private and secretive, and very much used to being in control.

Special skill: Strategy and military-style operations

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Eric and Irena Asminoff (The Twins)

Eastern European (mid-thirties)

The twins are ex-special forces, arrogant hard-faced killers, with little regard for human life. They see the group as a means to an end. They have been recruited to ensure the team stays focused.

They are very much linked, physically, and emotionally.

Special skill: Killing people

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Sienna Miller - Head of the National Crime Agency (middle aged)

Head of the National Crime Agency (middle aged)

A career police officer that has worked her way up through the ranks. Fighting inequality and prejudices. She is hardnosed, focussed and by the book, as long as she agrees with what’s written

Special skill: Focus and tenacity

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Rod Dale - FBI special agent (34)

Tough experienced agent, resourceful and intelligent, very much a company man and professional investigator. Likes his tech and uses his connections. Can sometimes acts before he thinks, but has a good heart

Special skill: Resourcefulness

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A few final thoughts

Whilst this book is fictional, all the facts and locations are real, the characters however are fictional. I set a pace that is fast and furious so therefore I have listed events chronologically to help the reader keep pace.

The last point…

I wrote this with the hope that it may inspire thought about where we are and what might be required to change our direction


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