Subjugation or Extinction?

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A little introduction

In the year 2027 humanity and the planet stood on the brink of extinction. Global warming was raging out of control, the population had exploded, and 10 billion souls had all but consumed the planet’s natural resources, like locusts in a grain field, spewing poisonous gasses into the air, choking the very life out of the planet!

We had known this was coming for over a century, we had understood the connection between global warming and our carbon emissions, yet we did nothing.

We had ignored all the warnings, our heads buried deeply in the metaphorical sand, letting our leaders make promises they had no intention of keeping.

Now on the eve of our destruction, we are offered a lifeline, change now, follow the plan and do as we are told.

For the first time human history we must all pull together, nothing else will do. The choice is simple, accept subjugation or face extinction.


The solar geoengineering programme can only be successful in reducing global temperatures if run in conjunction with reduction in carbon emissions, the problem with that is it requires all humanity to dramatically change the way they live.

The supercomputer running the programme is holding the world to ransom, demanding that humanity change its ways, in order to avoid extinction, the problem is humans really don’t like to be told what to do.

As the two sides collide the team at Red Dog are called into action for the last time, this time the battle is between humans and supercomputers and there can only be one winner

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My notes

Oddly enough as I edit this book in the middle of a heat wave, it is hard not to believe that climate change is far worse than we are being told. 

The choice is simple, either we change or we become extinct, the problem is we really don't want to change.

We now place value on things we want instead of things that are truly important.

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A few of the main characters

A Man Reading a Book Outdoors

David Carmichael

British Chemistry Professor (40 ish)

Loved up and living in paradise, our British professor has finally found happiness with his eccentric girlfriend

Special skill – Chemistry genius

A Young Woman Reading a Book

Cassia Nilsson

American Black hat Hacker (40 ish)

Our talented hacker takes centre stage, this time she has government support in stopping a rogue supercomputer from preserving the species


Special skill – World-class hacker

A Yound Man in the Library

Nick Colletto

Ex American Special Forces (40ish)

Nick and Sarah are now together and only want a peaceful life, trouble is life doesn’t work like that, now they have to step up one more time to save everything they value most.

Special skill – Wet work (killing people and special operations)

Couple in Library

Sarah Conner

Ex South African special forces (40’s)

Tired of running around and saving the world, all she wants is to live in Paradise pods and shut the world out, but this time she doesn’t have a choice

Special skill: Hand to hand combat, peacemaker

Girl Reading

Robert Johnson

British Prime Minister (48)

The first black Prime Minister and he is about to enter his second term. He is from a working-class background, down to earth, but a bit of a loner, totally focussed on his career, and still single. He constantly struggles with his confidence but is a gifted speaker.

Special skill: People believe him

Open Books

Katie Rayner

American Journalist (40 ish)

Tough war reporter fiercely independent and will go to extreme lengths to dig out a story. She has no time for relationships, in search of the truth, she is Cassia’s best friend, and will do anything to help her out, but has a secret she is trying to hide.

Special skill: Connections, she has a wide network of connections

Stack of Books


Biological Engagement
Transference Synaptic Interface
(Artificial Intelligence)

This time it's BETSI that is on a mission, to deliver her primary directive, To preserve human life. The only problem is that it is up to her to decide how best to do it!

Books and Coffee

A few final thoughts

Our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are aware of this and the potential impact it will have on all life. Yet we still bury our heads in the sand, ignore the warnings and leave the decisions up to our elected politicians, who are engineered to tell us what we want to hear.

The last point…

This seventh book in the series poses several difficult questions, which is our reality. A reality that none of us has the stomach to face. Whilst it is fictional, the truth is that we are really not that far away from its realisation.

Are we capable of changing our ways, before it's too late?

In truth I doubt it, maybe you know different.

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