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I have traveled the world, met so many wonderful and colourful people. This has given me a unique perspective on life, people, and the world.

All of my books reside in the world of fiction, yet are based on facts.

I am just offering a different perspective!

Books and Coffee

Playing with fire

Who wants to live forever?

The lies we should keep

Bad Blood

Blood Matters

The Singularity

Every Cloud has a silver lining

Subjugation or Extinction

This series examines four of the biggest current threats to humanity. Humans have a record of pushing our boundaries, progress and evolution are our drivers, but at what cost, are we really moving forwards, or are we just playing with fire, which usually means at some point, we are going to get burnt.


Mind Body and Soul

A different Spark
Sins of the father
Idle Minds

This series takes a unique look at the human conscious from the moment of inception to the moment of its passing. The journey takes us from the early stages of the development of the mind, emotions, and conscious thought, different levels of being to finally the moment that our conscious expires.

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The Dream Walker

Climate change is accelerating out of control, life and the planet are on a tipping point.  An English librarian, a Russian physicist, an Israeli student, and a Tech genius, are in a race against time to ensure the survival of the species, but to do it, they are going to have to force mankind to change.
Led by a retired Egyptian General and back by an anonymous billionaire the fate of humanity lies in the balance. Can these four unlikely hero’s change the destiny of mankind and the planet or will the power-hungry governments of the world stop them and condemn mankind to extinction.